What is the Rookery?
The Rookery is a free and publicly accessible utility website for Crowfall that we'll be expanding throughout the alpha and betas with the goal of providing useful out of game tools for players at launch.
What can it do right now?
Crafting recipes, components, and resources can be searched and cross referenced with their various uses.
How often is it updated?
We'll be doing database refreshes as the game changes overtime, as often as necessary. The import process has been ironed out and it's mainly an issue of updating the spreadsheets we use for import, basically some manual busy work. We'll release new features as they're good enough for public use or finished.
What features are planned?
In no particular order we're working on the following features:
  • Training planner and tray load-out preview, these tools combined will allow easy creation and sharing of character builds between players based on a skill plan, chosen class, and selection of Disciplines.
  • Crafting calculator to approximate crafting results. This can tie into the training planner, but will allow a free style format too.
  • Storefront, players or guilds can setup a store showing what items they can make or have available in game and where. Can also tie into the crafting and training tools.
  • Help guides explaining various aspects of Crowfall including mechanics and lore.
General performance tweaks, layout adjustments, flashy bits, etc... will be added as we go.
Can I help?
If you're interested and you think you have a skill set that can help drop an email to support@crowfallrookery.com and we'll be in touch.